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Medication Management Program

Helping you take the right medication, right dose at the right time.

Commited to your better health.

As a healthcare provider, we recognize complex medication regimens are made simple through our service. The Medication Call Reminder service is one that ensures people can take their medications on time with a simple, automated text, email or phone call.   Our service also sends notifications to caregivers.  If you miss a dose of medication, designated medical professionals and/or caregivers are immediately notified.

Getting Started

How does it work?

  • schedule online for when what and how to take prescribed medication.
  • reminder call or text message sent to End User to take medication.
  • follow up call sent for End User to acknowledge taking medication.
  • text, phone or email verification sent to the family caregiver.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient Scheduling End users can simply schedule times to have calls come in.
  • End User Verification—First call reminds End User to take medication and a follow-up call sent for End User to verify they took medication.
  • End User AssistanceDirect connect End User to designated resource for assistance i.e. family member, formal caregiver, health care provider.
  • Personalize GreetingThis is where a family caregiver or health care provider can customize a message for the End User.
  • Reminder HistoryMonitor and track the status of a reminder call activity.
  • Check for Home SafetyDaily calls to an elderly loved one to make sure they are all right or in need of assistance offers reassurance and peace of mind.
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