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Does an older adult need help managing their medicines? 

  • Is he or she older than 75?
  • Does she or he have more than one medical condition?
  • Does he or she use more than one medicine?
  • Does she or he have any problems seeing, hearing, strength, or getting around the house?
  • Does she or he have memory problems?
  • Is this person no longer able to drive himself/herself or walk safely to a location where medicines are available?

If you’ve answered “yes,” to any of these questions the older adult in your life may need some support from another person such as a family member, caregiver and/or reminder service to take their medicines on schedule.

Source: BeMedWise.org

While this service is targeted toward seniors it can prove worthwhile for anyone, at any age, who is dependent on medication for maintaining their health.

If taking your medication as prescribed is challenging, our medication call reminder service can help!  Many people, the elderly in particular,  face confusion and even exasperation when it comes to taking multiple medications correctly.

Our program transforms anxiety into positivity. Seniors can feel more in control of their health care when our service supports them.

Medication Call Reminder™ Helping you take the right medication, right dose, at the right time.

Medication Call Reminder is very user friendly and completely automated.  Seniors don’t have to do anything but answer the phone and take their prescribed medications on time.  What could be simpler than that?

Your senior loved one can now be on a properly managed medication schedule without fail, and it’s affordable! You can start for just $9.95 today!  Better yet, the first 14 days are free, so there is everything to gain and nothing to lose!

It has been a wonderful tool to remind my father to take his meds. We were facing a huge increase in his daily living costs and with this service he remembers to take his meds. I get notifications that he has gotten the call and he is happy that he still has his independence. Being able to record the call in my voice also helps him know it is me and not some robocall. Love this service and can not say enough about how helpful it has been. Try it for a few months and you will love it. 

Paulette Whipple


What an easy way to be reminded to take my medications. I chose to be reminded by text messages, but could easily change and receive a phone call. If I start taking a medication twice a day I can get another call or text at whatever time works for me. Great service, Affordable price, Great idea!!

Dawn Greenidge

End User

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