Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are intended to answer any questions you may have about subscribing to Medication Call Reminder.  We hope that the information here answers your questions about Medication Call Reminder. If not, please let us know. Email us at
What's the purpose of Medication Call Reminder?
The Medication Call Reminder Service is an all-in-one automated service that helps a subscribed end user take the right dose of the right medicine at the right time, resulting in better health outcomes and a better quality of life.  View Why Subscribe to Medication Call Reminder? to learn more.
What's the purpose of a Free 14 Day Trial?
This is an opportunity for an end user to experience the benefits of Medication Call Reminder before starting a subscription.  The trial includes scheduling one (1) reminder call or SMS/text for 14 days.  When the end user receives the medication call reminder and enters his or her acknowledgment or non-acknowledgement of intent to take prescribed medication on the phone keypad, the message is sent immediately via phone call or SMS/text to a designated caregiver.  This is one of the primary benefits of the service. View Welcome Medication Call Reminder to learn more.
How do I Get Started?

Getting started is simple.  Select a subscription plan. Afterwards, you will be directed to complete the End User Profile.  This is where you will provide the necessary information to set a username and password and go to your Dashboard to begin setting up reminders.  Learn more at Onboarding for Provider Portal Video. 

How does it work?
Medication Call Reminder allows a subscriber to schedule online, the details of when and how to take prescribed medications. Calls are scheduled around that schedule.  At the time of the scheduled reminder call, the  person who receives the call is asked to acknowledge by selecting the appropriate number on the phone key pad, that he or she has taken the prescribed medication.  Alternatively, the person can request a call back in 5, 10 or 15 minutes to acknowlege taking the medication.  The person can also request that a message be sent to his or her physician or nurse. Immediately, notification is sent to a family caregiver or health care provider by phone or text to monitor adherence.  View Individual Subscriber.
Can I track my reminder call or text activity?
Yes, the Dashboard enables you to track in real-time, the call activity to determine acknowledgement or non-acknowledgement of the reminder by an end user.  View How to review an Activity Report.
What's the difference between a Subscriber and End User?
A subscriber refers to the person or caregiver who is paying the monthly subscription. The end user is the person who is receiving the reminder calls. The payment made by the subscriber can be applied to themselves or the end user who is receiving a medication reminder call or text.
How do I schedule a reminder phone call or SMS text?
Starting at the Dashboard, click “Add Reminder” to select the reminder time, type and phone number.  For an SMS text, set the time, enter the phone number and the reminder message.  For example, “Hi John Doe, this message is to remind you to take your morning medication.  Have a great day!”  View  How to make a voice call and/or How to send a reminder by text to speech.
How long is a reminder phone call?
The average time for an automated voice call reminder is less than 60 seconds.
Can I customize a personal reminder message?
Yes, you can personalize a reminder message by uploading an audio file. You can also choose to use our Click-to-Call feature which enables you to record a personalized message over the phone and load it into your profile.  View Upload Voice

Subscriber Portal – How To Playlist

After creating an account to remind loved ones or yourself to take the correct medications at the correct times, you must take the necessary steps to educate yourself on the Subscriber Portal.

Subscriber Portal Video 1 | Welcome to Medication Call Reminder

Introduction to Medication Call Reminder to learn how to navigate the subscriber portal.

Subscriber Portal Video 2 | How to Send a SMS Text Message

In Subscriber Portal Video 2 you will learn how to send a SMS text message.

Subscriber Portal Video 3 | How to Send a Reminder by Text to Speech

In Subscriber Portal Video 3 you will learn How to Send a Reminder by Text to Speech.

Subscriber Portal Video 4 | Upload Voice

In Subscriber Portal Video #4 you will learn how to upload voice.

Subscriber Portal Video 5 | How to Make a Voice Call 

In Subscriber Portal Video 5 you will learn how to send a SMS text message.

Subscriber Portal Video 6 | How to set up Check for Home Safety 

 In Subscriber Portal Video 6 you will learn how to set up check for home safety.

Subscriber Portal Video 7 | How to Review an Activity Report

In Subscriber Portal Video 7 you will learn how to review an activity report.

Subscriber Portal Video 8 | How to Set a Prescription Refill 

In Subscriber Portal Video 8 you will learn how to set a prescription refill.

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