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Check for Home Safety

With more older people living alone, social isolation and loneliness among the elderly is a growing concern.  Now, more than ever a daily check-in phone call offers peace of mind for the older person and family caregiver.

How long will the Coronavirus Pandemic last?  According to experts, it’s not going to be over anytime soon — a matter of months rather than weeks.  How long are you prepared to wait to make sure your elderly loved one is safe at home?

  Now’s the time to be proactive

Automatically, the Check for Home Safety can help confirm if an older person needs help accessing food, medicine, medical supplies and/or other necessities.   The service will check on your elderly loved one 3x’s a day, morning, noon and evening to ask how they’re doing and if they need any assistance. 

Taking medications as prescribed is primary for good health and when combining with the Check for Home Safety, you have a comprehensive monitoring system to assure the best outcomes.

Get started

After subscribing and setting up your account profile in Medication Call Reminder

Check for Home Safety is made available as an add on feature when you subscribe to a monthly plan for Medication Call Reminder.

After subscribing to monthly Plan 1, Plan 2 or Plan 3,  Step 1 is to complete End User Profile, Step 2 is to Create Reminders and Step 3 is to create the Check for Home Safety.   


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How to create Check for Home Safety

As indicated below, after signing up for a monthly subscription plan, login, create an account profile and go to Step 3 to purchase the Check for Home Safety add-on feature.