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Why should you become an affiliate of our Medication Call Reminder Service program?

Not only does medication non-adherence increase healthcare costs, it also can lead to critical health complications for the elderly.  It’s a fact that a complicated medication schedule can create confusion for an elderly person already struggling with memory loss problems and other cognitive decline issues.  Our automated personalized message service can simplify medication adherence for everyone!  We believe our service can help to diminish the current $300 billion in current medical spending due to: lost business, health care provider penalties, readmission rates, and pharmaceutical mistakes—all due to medication non-adherence.

Cost related non-adherence happens because of:
  • Poorly educating the senior citizen of the reasoning for the medication
  • The costs associated with the prescription medication
  • Occurs when patients have to take more than 4 or 5 medicines weekly
  • Undue concern for side effects
  • Delaying refills

poor medication adherence
Our Medication Call Reminder Service Can Help!

If you believe that there is a growing need to improve medication adherence, in particular, within the elderly community to improve quality of life—that’s a major reason to consider signing up with us!  We firmly believe we have the simple solution that will solve the bigger problem!  Medication non-adherence can be prevented through education and helpful services that are affordable, user-friendly and reliable!  Consider the 40 million American caregivers who provided care for an elderly loved one last year alone!

Our service gives some respite for caregivers—freeing them from worry and anxiety associated with their loved ones’ potential medication non-adherence.  It can also prevent life-threatening scenarios from taking place! Our service engages health providers, caregivers and the senior citizen in need of the service.  Continue reading below to learn more about what we offer and how invaluable our service truly is!  By becoming an affiliate, not only can you reap incentives, you can help share, promote and become part of a service that really does make a difference.

We Are Making a Difference in Lives One Medication Reminder at a Time

If you advocate for those who can’t-do so for themselves, you’ll be inspired by becoming an affiliate with us!  We believe helping senior citizens become pro-active in their health care plan encourages them to stay on track and take better care of themselves.  It is so very easy for an interested caregiver, health care provider or patient to sign up to the Medication Call Reminder service.  Not only will members gain peace-of-mind, but they also receive alerts from our service when their loved ones take their medications as they are supposed to. Health care providers acquire assurance that patients will take their medication responsibly and minimize non-adherence penalty risks for their office!  Once again, this alleviates the worry associated with properly taking prescribed medications all the way around! Our service sends these reminders out via text message, scheduled phone calls and with notifications as well.

As an affiliate of this service, the end goal is fairly straightforward.  When an individual, marketer, or company signs up to be an affiliate they will receive information explaining what incentives and bonuses might be available for responsibly promoting the service.  Of course, this is commission based, so what effort is put in is the reward that will be put out!  In other words, there is the opportunity to do extremely well as an affiliate marketer here.  Just keep in mind how easy it really is.  The service can be marketed traditionally, digitally and by word-of-mouth.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Our Affiliate Marketing Program Today?

Everything about our program aka service is focused on an optimal outcome, so it basically sells itself!  With persistence, service/brand loyalty can be achieved and rewards can be BIG for the affiliate!  Be aware that our service has been professionally tailored to enhance patient outcomes and ensure medication adherence takes place consistently.  This saves a fortune within the healthcare marketplace!  Therefore, if you’re a healthcare provider, affiliating yourself with the Medication Call Reminder service might really save your facility some serious money!

If you think like us and believe that a telephone reminder service like this is one of the more effective ways of reminding people to take medication, you already know you’re helping to make a difference by promoting a non-intrusive service that really does work.


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