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Pain Points

Medication Call Reminder helps patients…

Poor patient communication and understanding of medications.

  • Stay informed about taking their medications as prescribed.
  • Better communicate with their healthcare professionals and understand their medications better.

Difficulty dispensing medications due to patient confusion about dosage or instructions.

  • Call them when their medication is due and reminding them about the dosage and instructions.

Patients not following medication schedules correctly, leading to missed doses or overuse of drugs.

  • Call them at pre-determined time to be aware of the upcoming schedule changes.

Insufficient time to explain the medications  to the patients.

  • Set up a medication reminder service, pharmacists can contact patients at designated intervals to remind them about their scheduled doses.

Patients not following the  prescribed dosage.

  • Remember to take the correct dosage of their medications by calling them at pre-determined intervals.


Patients not returning to the pharmacy for follow-up visits.


  • Reminder services can help pharmacists get patients to keep follow-up visits by automating the process of notifying patients about their scheduled appointments.


Difficulty remembering to take medication regularly.


  • Send automated calls or text messages to patients to remind them to take their medication on a regular basis.

Stopping taking medication abruptly.


  • Real-time notification to pharmacist when patients do not acknowledge taking medication.